Krzysztof Zalewski


Hello World on New Blog

Hello World!

This is my.. (counting) .. 4th or 5th weblog. I tried wordpress, blogger, tumblr and many others. But as every hacker knows, writing in markdown is much better than shitty WYSIWYG editors.

Plus, you know, having blog on GitHub Pages(!), with Octopress(!), written on a MacBook Pro(!) ?! .. WOOOW! That is so hipster that I could not resist!

What it is going to be about

You know, hacker stuff :)

Mostly Ruby and Ruby on Rails and stuff around – gems, testing etc.

But of course not always. Sometime maybe I’ll write about JavaScript (I’m still trying to learn Ember.js and Backbone.js), Apple/Mac (“wow, look at this great app!” etc.), Python and Django (I’ve been really into it about year ago).

I am still thinkig about my previous blog – should I move posts here from there? Has not yet decided. Meantime, if you want to read it: KrzysztofZalewski::Blog@Blogspot. Oh, yes, it is in Polish.

So, see you next time!